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Fire Safety


The Columbus Fire Department stands ready to educate children, adults and seniors important fire safety and prevention measures. The programs are free of charge and are presented by officers and members as a part of an ongoing effort to save lives and property. In addition, we offer information on first aid and a number of other emergencies.


If you need to schedule a program, please contact us at (828) 894-3667.


Some of the most important things to remember are:



  • ​Have a plan for fire evacuation and practice at least once a month


  • Have at least one smoke detector and test it at least once a month


  • ​Have at least one fire extinguisher rated 2A10BC and check it monthly


  • ​Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children at all times


  • Exit immediately if a fire is out of control, then call 911 and do not re-enter under any circumstances


  • Be sure to have a First Aid Kit and an emergency preparedness plan


  • Teach children how and when to call 911 as soon as they are capable

           *To see wildfire safety tips for your house and land click HERE*




For your safety and in accordance with the law, burning permits are sometimes required. You can obtain a burning permit by coming down to the station and filling out a burn permit form. Or you can submit an online request by clicking here. This link will also tell you whether there are any bans in place and if so, what county has a ban on burning.

Online burn permit:

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