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Columbus Fire Department patch
Columbus Fire Special Ops Patch

Columbus Fire & Rescue Station 1 was built in 1992, Station 2 was built in 2014. We cover over 50 square miles and run an average of 1500 calls a year between first response and fire emergencies. In addition, we provide mutual aid to all 5 other departments in Polk county. Columbus provides a 75' Spartan ladder and a swift water team to the county.


The Department was founded in 1949 and has grown to what it is today, rated a split class 5/5 department by the Office of the State Fire Marshal and Department of Insurance. We have 9 apparatus, 2 stations and 2 support vehicles, allowing us to provide a wide variety of emergency response services. Click here to see apparatus.


Currently, we have 9 paid employees and 28 volunteers. Our members receive training several times yearly and are required to hold the necessary certifications. Recently, we added a ladies auxiliary to provide additional support to our members.


We are located at 100 South Peak Street in downtown Columbus, North Carolina. The Columbus Fire department stands ready to respond to fire and other emergencies 24/7.

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